Gramfilter - increasing installations

I stopped all Adword campaigns for my side project Gramfilter. I was getting decent traffic that signed up for the service, but not enough installs of the software on people’s website.

Here’s my stats from October 30, 2014 when I launched the beta until yesterday, June 20, 2015.

  • Total unique visitors: 11,298
  • Bounce rate: 90.93%
  • Average session duration: 18 seconds

I noticed now that I don’t have Google Analytics turned on for logged in users for some reason, probably just a mistake on my part - so average session duration and bounce rate are a bit misguiding.

So from 11 K uniques, how many have signed up for the service? So far, 428 people. That is just shy of 4%. My landing page could probably use some optimization. But that is not my big problem.

They are not installing it!

Out of 428 people about 29% have created a new Instagram feed. That is good. But of those only 5 have actually installed it on their site. 4% again. That is a bottle neck. People who have created a new feed are clearly interested in using the app, but for some reason they are not going through and installing the app on their website. Maybe they forget about it. Maybe it is too hard. I don’t know.

Mistake: forgot to collect people’s e-mail addresses

My signup process is quick and simple. You just press ‘Sign in with Instagram’, allow the app to access your account and that is it. The big problem is that The Instagram API is not telling me the e-mail adress of each user. So I have no way of contacting my users. That is really bad, but I have heard big internet marketers like Pat Flynn also forgot this in the beginning so I’m in good company.

Action plan

  • Require e-mail address early in the process - probably before connecting to Instagram
  • Make it simple to install the script on your website. A Wordpress plugin might be handy, and/or a video tutorial.
  • Maybe change the idea to be a Wordpress plugin only? That way I don’t have to worry about hosting/bandwidth. Negative: I’ve never done a Wordpress plugin before, so I have no idea on how long it will take. Positive: I’ve never done a Wordpress plugin before so I get to try something new out.
  • Create a great-looking default template that people can start from.
  • Create a drip e-mail campaign that instructs people on how to install it on their site and ask for feedback.
  • Re-enable the Google Adwords campaign when I’ve implemented the steps above.
  • Add Google Analytics to the whole site

What do you think? Should I focus on something else on Gramfilter?