Trello Reports

We use Trello every day at work. Most of the time it is for communicating with clients. Our project managers communicate with the team and send daily or weekly reports to most of our clients, but not all of them have a Trello account - or want to learn a completely new service.

So, I created a simple service called where you can pick one of your boards, enter any e-mail address (your own or a client’s e-mail for example). Then they will get a daily or weekly report to their e-mail.

The report does not look like a Trello board at all. That is intended. It looks like a regular report for any project. Most of the time I send the reports to my own e-mail, edit a few details and a personal comment, and forward it to my clients.

This has multiple benefits:

  • I don’t forget to inform the client about an update, the report has it all
  • I can make it personal by adding my own comments
  • The weekly reporting feature is a perfect reminder that I need to talk to my client if I haven’t done so recently.

This is created for me, but I made it into a public web service - and I invite you to try it out and give me feedback.