How to install Elixir on Mac OS X

Installing Elixir on your Mac is easy, but I’ve seen people struggle with trying to compile it from source. That is definitely not necessary on a Mac OS X install. For other platforms, see the official install guide.

  • Install Homebrew (Mac OS X package manager) if you haven’t already
  • Open a Terminal. I like iTerm 2, but the built in works fine.
  • Type brew update to make sure your Homebrew installation is up to date.
  • Type brew install elixir to download and install the Elixir package
  • Now you should have a working Elixir installation. You can type iex in your terminal to confirm that the Elixir promt is starting.

That is it! Installing Elixir is easy. You probably didn’t even have time to grab a cup of coffee.